StayFix Climate 1 Aluminium windows

Climate One is a cutting-edge security and performance system for both commercial and residential use, offering features like tilt and turn, top swing, and outward opening. Designed with PAS 24 security and optimum weather resistance, it allows versatile applications with shoot bolt or spag locking options. The profile combines a sleek design with dual-color customization, ensuring high insulation with U

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Key Points

"1. Appealing, easy, and secure design
2. Simple installation with heavy-duty hinges
3. Dual-color, 70mm profile for style
4. Durable, non-rusting, and guaranteed finishes
5. Energy-efficient with increased sunlight
6. Boosts property value and offers customization
7. Complies with Building Regulations
8. Accommodates various ventilation options."

Technical Specs

"**Technical Specifications:**

1. **Options:**
– Inward/outward beaded sash
– Tilt and turn
– Fully reversible top swing

2. **Material:**
– Aluminum alloy 6060 T6
– Polyamide 6.6.25% with glass fiber

3. **Finishes:**
– Powder coated, Qualicoat, GSB
– Silver anodized
– Dual-color option

4. **Features:**
– Internally beaded for security
– Vent rebate changer
– Part L compliant
– Simple installation
– Three-chamber thermal system

5. **Application:**
– Commercial and residential
– Low to medium-rise buildings

6. **Weather Performance:**
– Tested to BS 6375:
– Air permeability: 600 Pa
– Water tightness: 600 Pa
– Wind resistance: 2000 Pa
– Exposure category: 2000 Pa

7. **Security Performance:**
– Tested to BS 6375 Part 2
– Tested to BS 7950:1997

8. **Glazing:**
– Option of 28mm or 44mm unit
– Air vent incorporated

9. **Other Options:**
– Accommodates various components
– Integratable into other systems."



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