Liniar UPVC flush casement windows

Liniar’s flush sash uPVC windows present a modern, streamlined design, prioritizing ample natural light with expansive glass areas. Innovatively engineered profiles enhance thermal efficiency by removing extraneous steel reinforcement, resulting in exceptional insulation. These windows are not only cost-effective but also achieve A+ ratings with double glazing, while boasting an impressive low U-Value of 0.8 W/m²K when fitted with triple glazing.

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Key Points

1. British-made for quality assurance and support of local industries.
2. Offers a comprehensive colour range to suit various aesthetic preferences.
3. Designed by experts with a focus on functionality and style.
4. Fully tested to meet industry standards for performance and durability.
5. More thermally efficient design for improved insulation and energy savings.
6. Strong and secure construction ensures peace of mind for homeowners.
7. Most cost-effective solution for high-quality windows.
8. Features less frame and more glass, maximizing natural light and views.
9. Environmentally friendly choice, contributing to sustainability efforts.
10. Highly thermally efficient design, reducing heat loss and enhancing comfort.

Technical Specification

• Flush Sash Window with Sculptured Suite design.
• External faces feature a Flush Sash finish.
• Equipped with 28mm double glazing for enhanced insulation.
• Offers U-values starting from 1.3 (with DGU) and 0.9 (with TGU), indicating superior thermal performance.
• Features patented co-ex gasket technology for improved sealing and weather resistance.



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