Evelove UPVC vertical sliding sash windows

The new heritage range blends PVCu over timber for superior thermal retention and low maintenance, preserving the sash window’s character. Evolve sliding windows offer tailored packages, robust security, and unique multi-tilt design for maintenance. The new run-through sash horn enhances visual appeal and simplifies installation, making it a top vertical slider design on the market.

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Key Points

1) Low maintenance PVCu profiles
2) Sculptured profiles with equal sight lines
3) Easy clean tilt feature
4) 24mm glazing for enhanced weather performance
5) Various sill size options
6) 10-year guarantee
7) Optional decorative features: Georgian/Astragal bar, sash horns
8) Additional options: anti-jemmy bar, child/travel restrictors, deep bottom rail, sill jointers

Technical Specs

1. **Material:**
– PVC-U (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride), known for durability and low maintenance.

2. **Dimensions:**
– Manufactured to maintain the elegant proportions of traditional sash windows.

3. **Durability and Warranty:**
– Guaranteed for 10 years, indicating high-quality materials and manufacturing standards.

4. **Functionality:**
– Tilting upper and lower sashes for ease of cleaning.
– Low line beads and gaskets for improved sight lines.

5. **Energy Efficiency:**
– Energy-efficient glass to reduce heating bills.

6. **Security Features:**
– Incorporation of modern-day technology for high security.

7. **Maintenance:**
– Designed for low maintenance.

8. **Customization:**
– Wide range of styles, colors, and hardware options for personalized aesthetics.



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