Solar Entrance Craftsmen Door

Craftsman timber doors: security meets style. With 30 styles in 24 colors, our designs are durable and elegant.


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Key Points

1. Solid Core: Crafted with an engineered, solid Kerto Q core for stability and minimal bowing.
2. Engineered to Last: Designed to eliminate common issues associated with timber doors, requiring no yearly maintenance for warping, twisting, or rotting.
3. Truly Bespoke Service: Choose from 24 premium colors, various glazing, sill, threshold, and hardware options for personalized doors.
4. Make an Entrance: Explore grand options like Craftsman double doors, glazed French doors, or inquire about extra-wide doors for a unique statement.

Technical Specs

– **Materials:** Kerto Q core, Sapele mahogany lipping, Tricoya facings for durability and water resistance.
– **Thickness:** Available in 44mm and 54mm options.
– **Thermal Core:** Optional Polyurethane insulating foam for energy efficiency.
– **Seals:** Double rebated doors with triple weather seals.
– **Glazing:** Over 30 styles, including Low-E glass panels.
– **Hardware:** Four ranges for handles, knockers, letterboxes, and center door pulls.
– **Security:** Strong defense construction for home safety.
– **Colors:** 24 options from fiery reds to cool blues.
– **Compliance:** Meets UK Building Regulations (Document L) for replacement doors.



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