Roof Lanterns / Flat sky lights

Stratus thermal roof lanterns illuminate your spaces with a bright and breezy ambiance.

Our Stratus double-glazed roof lanterns, finished in crisp white, feature a minimalist design that’s truly timeless. Their innovative, contemporary style relies on the hip rafters alone to support the ridge, resulting in an ultra-sleek, uncluttered, and thoroughly modern appearance.

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Key Points

Up to 65% more thermally efficient than conventional aluminium roof systems.
Fixed at 20˚ pitch this allows the system to use the incredibly discreet purpose designed top caps and internal covers, without unsightly gaps to rafter ends.
66% smaller ridge than standard systems for beautiful aesthetics.
Hard wearing aluminium internal and externals for a premium, architectural look.
Quick and easy to install – less time on site means less disruption for homeowners.
Available in any RAL colour, mix and match colours on the internal and external faces of the lantern.
Black now available as a standard colour.
Competitive pricing and 5 day lead times.

Technical Specs

Thermally broken aluminium frame
Structurally bonded high performance glass
Typical U value of 1.3 w/m2k
Laminated safety glass to internal pane
Built in plasterboard pocket



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